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It comes with an incredibly low ongoing labor load with self-restore functions that make it easy for your customers to recover lost files direct to their desktop in seconds. No more lost files, no more stressed customers at 5.15 on a Friday

MspSecureBackup gives you everything you need to be able to offer your customers a comprehensive, robust and ultra-secure backup solution - regardless of their business size or backup needs. Growing data volumes and often complex backup requirements mean that the extensive features that MspSecureBackup provides are precisely what you need to manage efficiently, resourcefully and affordably.

    One-click overview
  1. Quickly and easily check the backup status of all customer systems - via one easy interface
  2. A simple and clean user interface - no training required!
  3. Fully brand-able at all touchpoints
  4. Implement backup software to all customers' devices with just a few clicks
  5. Dashboard reporting - customers get a clear report of latest backups. Simple!
Infinitely scalable
  1. Perfect for customers with a growing volume of business data - and that means every customer!
  2. Utilizes local backup register rather than a centralized database
  3. Distributes user data over unlimited number of storage nodes at remote backup locations
Flexible across a multitude of platforms, products, systems and customer needs
  1. Variable retention and archiving capabilities mean you can choose how long to retain files within the standard backup service - anytime between one and 60 days
  2. Exchange Store and Mailbox recovery means 'lost' email can be recovered lightning fast
  3. Open API allowing integration with other 3rd party systems, including ticketing and PSA systems - plus existing deep integration with Autotask
  4. Works across multiple platforms including Windows 32 and 64; Mac OS X, and Linux 32 and 64
  5. Supports all leading software products
  6. Enable on individual servers and workstations - or on all servers and workstations at the client or site level
  7. Virtualization backup (VMware & Hyper-V) - live backups at disk level, enabling restore of entire servers in minutes
  8. Multiple different backup schedules can be set-up to suit customer requirements
  9. Effective algorithm - only data which has changed is backed up in relation to previous backup session
  10. No 'middle layer' - meaning improved reliability and stability of software, leaving no room for malware to interfere
  11. Uses 'priority' system for easy migration and fast restores
  12. Utilizes Disk-to-Disk-to Cloud (D2D2C) - or 'hybrid' - approach, meaning ultra-secure and ultra-fast
  13. Low memory footprint - uses less than 30MB memory
  14. Two-tier backup plus designated LocalSpeedVault means optimal speed for data retrieval
  15. Free seed loading service for larger data volumes
  16. Scalable - storage infrastructure will grow with you and your customers
...utilizes True Delta TechnologyT
  1. Bandwidth load is lighter and backup speeds higher
  2. Data is compressed to 70% of actual size
  3. Bigger files are split into blocks - meaning that when changes are made, only the specific block is backed up instead of an entire file - super-efficient!
  4. Restore is used to check if the files are from the original location. If so, only the changed blocks are sent and restored from the backup and restore speeds are boosted to more than 5GB per minute

Exchange Store and Mailbox Recovery

For some customers their email is their life. So when things go wrong you need to move. With email, the huge volume of data involved can make this a real challenge and some backup solutions can choke when you give them large and frequently changing data stores -like Exchange - to manage. But with MspSecureBackup we've got that covered.

The smart way that MspSecureBackup scans, stores and manages the recovery of exchange data means that we handle large exchange store backups with ease - so when you've got to move fast and get email back, it's just a few clicks away

The important stuff

We make it super-quick and easy to recover entire exchange stores, individual mailboxes or even individual emails. So we help you get your customers email up and running again fast.

  1. Restore individual emails, mailboxes or entire exchange stores
  2. No limits on file size - proven up to 1TB per Exchange Store
  3. Software built for self-serve - so you only get the big emergencies to deal with
  4. Find out just how easy we make it to recover even large exchange stores and customer email - fast. Easy

benefits MspSecureBackup

MspSecureBackup is the ideal service to help you grow your MSP business

**HUGE BENEFIT ALERT** - LocalSpeedVault technology means a copy of backed up files can be made to local storage. Result? Ultra-fast restores when needed. Not only that, but if your customer's network is down and they need a restore...that's right, business-critical data can be accessed and normal service resumed. We think that's invaluable - and we're pretty sure your customers will think the same.

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