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The MspPortal Reseller Program

We're excited about your interest in becoming a reseller! As a reseller of MspPortal you will have the ability to offer your clients the industry leading SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions.

Program Details

This program is in place to help you offer new and existing customers valuable products and services to strengthen your business and theirs. Meanwhile your customers get a great experience.

What's In It For You?

As an MspPortal Reseller, we will provide you with:
  1. Technical training and reseller support
  2. Sales webinars, tools, and training
  3. Resource Website and Marketing Materials
  4. Reseller discounts
  5. Low Minimums
  6. Optional branding
  7. Access to our Product Support Specialists
  8. Console to create and manage accounts

How Does It Work?

  • Trials - You have the ability to activate full functioning trials of any solution you offer your clients.
  • Activate and Deploy Customers - With certain solutions you can self provision new accounts anytime. Other solutions require MspPortal initially activating accounts for you and will provide you with a simple 'Welcome Message" with your steps to complete the activation.
  • Manage Billing and Collection - MspPortal billing relationship will be with you monthly or annually, so you will need to handle all aspects of billing and collection with your customers. This gives you the ability to set your own rates and policies.
  • What Are My Requirements?

    Beyond the above requirements, our experience shows that our best resellers fit the following profile.
  • You have adopted and are a strong advocate of the SaaS model.
  • You engage your customers with high quality products that reduce your support burden, and keep cost down.
  • You go beyond the basic implementation and provide guidance and value to your clients on new technology.
  • You are interested in and willing to grow your business and strengthen your relationship with your clients.
  • How Do I Get Started?


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